Aquarius love horoscope 2021

Aquarius will have a very intense start to 2021. During the first quarter of the year the influence of Jupiter will cause the natives of this sign to be hypersensitive and with a great capacity to express their emotions.

However, the presence of Uranus will generate little friction in the field of human relations. It will not be about big fights but rather small disagreements, however, the extreme sensitivity of Aquarius during the first months of the year will cause these difficulties to affect him a lot.

In the family environment, fights will take place during the first four months, especially between brothers. Aquarius will be sensitive and aggressive at the same time, as a consequence he will say very hurtful things at the slightest provocation. However, from July these fights will be forgotten and the family can be united and at peace again.

In the sentimental field, they will be intolerant and impatient with their sentimental partners. For this reason fights and discussions will arise. However, couples will understand and the bad mood of Aquarius will not cause any crisis in the relationship.

The influence that Venus will have during the last three months of 2021, makes that period an ideal time to consecrate the love that unites them to their partners through marriage proposals and pregnancies. In addition, during that time Aquarius will experience moments of ecstasy and sexual fulfillment with the person he loves.

People of this sign who have children will experience very difficult times, especially from April to September. Aquarius will have to set more limits than he usually does to achieve a little order in the family. You will also have to work on improving communication with your children, and learning that yelling is not the best way to get obeyed.

In the workplace, the first part of 2021 will be excellent. Aquarius will finally receive all the recognitions that he deserved for a long time but that due to injustices, he had not managed to obtain. The excellent work carried out by the natives of this sign will be highlighted and they will have many possibilities of a promotion.

However, in the middle of the year a decrease in Aquarium performance may occur. Fights in the family and love environment will leave them very badly emotional and will have very little vitality to dedicate to work.

However, at the beginning of September there will be an energy concentration of planets that will restore their energies.

By obtaining what they craved so professionally, a need to carry out some artistic or spiritual activity will be born in Aquarius. From now on, the natives of this sign will begin to desire to grow but internally and for this they will probably begin to actively participate in some foundation or association dedicated to humanitarian aid.

In the economic and financial field, the best period of the year will be the months of June, July, August and September. Innovative ideas will emerge that will allow them to obtain great economic resources.

Aquarius will end 2021 with a lot of family and emotional stability and with a lot of economic abundance.

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