Best Zodiac Signs in Bed 2021


Hurry and careless, the natives of the zodiac are often interested only in their own pleasure. I skip the foreplay, and if I quickly reach orgasm, there is a “stop play”.


The man born in the sign of Taurus is a perfect lover. He is always hot and thinks not only of him in intimate moments, but also of his partner’s pleasure. Where do you say he can last a whole night?


Even if he’s not a big charm, he knows what to tell you to get to bed with him, he even has charms you can’t resist. Where he wins is the fact that he knows how important foreplay is for a woman, so he focuses on that. Moreover, to pepper the intimate moments, he also adds erotic games.


Cancer natives are attentive and romantic, so when it comes to carnal pleasure, as far as they are concerned, the words love or sex cannot be used, maybe just a spiritual fusion. Usually, they want to be guided and make sure they do everything the partner wants.


Love affairs with a man born in the sign of Leo are unforgettable, because they always want to impress, improvise and always come out. Instead, they are a bit selfish at times.


The natives of the zodiac may seem unskilled at first, but only until they get used to their partner and learn a few more positions. Out of the desire to satisfy their half, they quickly gain courage, and the games with them later become memorable.


Although he is a guy who does not want to learn what it means to be faithful or to follow rules, loving to step crookedly, when he makes love, he is attentive to his partner’s wishes.


Like Taurus, Scorpios have an increased sexual appetite and want to take their partners to bed immediately. With them, orgasm is guaranteed, because he knows movements and words that bring intense sensations.


If they could have a partner for every night, it would only be good, because Sagittarians are followers of such adventures. The native of this sign can never be the man of a single woman. She likes to love too much, some would apologize. What is certain is that, although the partner remains with a swollen lip, the memory of an evening spent in his company will remain alive.


Conservative and sometimes even old-fashioned, Aquarius man has no inspiration during sex and often becomes slow and boring. Moreover, it will judge you if you propose novelties in this sphere.


Aquarius is an eccentric sexual partner, being a follower of experiments. Expect him to tell you at first that you are not the only woman in his life.


Men born in the sign of Pisces know what their partner wants in this matter. Try new things, even if they are a little shy at first. After they feel comfortable, they try to make the intimate moments spent with them unforgettable.

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