Full Moon in Scorpio 2021

Around May, 2021, the Full Moon brings us the opportunity to agree on what we do with what we feel and to be successful in terms of the actions started in the last two weeks.

The New Moon is associated with the setting of concrete intentions or initiatives as a result of rational decisions, without emotional involvement. At the Full Moon it is about emotions and fulfilment. It is a moment of checking if what is happening outside is in agreement with what is inside, if we manage to reconcile both the mind and the heart. As a result, the Full Moon is associated with two opposite tendencies, as desire against need or social life against personal life, implicitly with relationships in general. It can bring success or raise the issue of finding a solution.

A Full Moon in Scorpio brings to the fore the need for internal and deep stabilization, to assess comfort from an emotional point of view, to have security, power and control over things that are not material or are closely related to someone else.

If the (New Moon in) Taurus focused on everything we have, exists and is real, brings a tangible satisfaction and its own gain, Scorpio poses the problem mentally and in relation to someone else. The questions that are asked are at the level of the soul and of the others. We feel like we share everything we have with someone. We feel the need to touch what is beyond the palpable and reality. We want peace inside, not just physically to feel good. We also need spiritual satisfaction, not just concrete things. We want to feed ourselves from other sources than ours. We need strength inside, not just a healthy body. Simplicity no longer satisfies us, we want to get to the essence. We no longer want to accumulate anything, but on the contrary, we need to eliminate what chains or harms us, is broken, constrains or abuses us.

As a result, a Full Moon in Scorpio brings us the opportunity to regain our strength, to detoxify and free ourselves from certain parts of us, tendencies, things or people that hurt us inside. It gives us the chance to balance what we accumulate and what we lose, what we give with what we receive, what we physically need and what we need, so that we can survive on the inside. It gives us the opportunity to gain support and benefits from the relationship with someone else, to create intense emotional connections, to obtain situations that will recover us physically, materially, psychologically and financially.

Difficult situations can occur if we fail to balance the outside with the inside, in which we lose and owe more than we gain, in which we depend too much on others, in which habits, situations or people manipulate us, dominate us and not us. let me live.

Emotional outbursts, relationship problems, separations, cancellation of agreements or contracts, confrontations, heated discussions, losses, ruptures or endings are possible. Being Scorpio, there may be moments of despair or fear, obsessions, anxieties, revelations of secret information, accidents, crises of jealousy or possessiveness.

The current situation and the next two weeks are favorable for finding a balance and achieving success. The atmosphere is full of understanding, humanity, compassion and generosity, and the choices we make are intuitive and inspired. There is an emphasis on spirituality, divinity and faith in what is above us.

The general tendency is sensitivity, empathy, self-help and forgiveness, so we can get all the support we need. Stagnant situations can be unblocked and crisis situations can be managed. However, for this to happen, it may be necessary to conclude certain activities, relationships, associations or contracts. Due to the fact that success is very much based on cooperation, communication, compromise and the relationship with others, you can have more discussions, negotiations, runs, deeds or signatures.

The solutions found may be somewhat unconventional, so there is a need for a greater openness to other possibilities than usual. Both personally and socially, we have the opportunity to give help to others or to receive it unconditionally, to be the object of charitable actions or we to save others. Healing and regeneration are possible, both at the level of soul and material, concretely.

The areas of life in which intense emotional reactions can take place, in which there is a need for emotional stability, in which it is possible to be successful, but events can bring ends to achieve progress, depending on the birth sign or Ascendant, are:


emotional balance, financial and emotional recovery, intimate and emotional relationships, help received, external or shared resources, loans, inheritances, sharing, psychic or occult investigations


personal relationships, unions, marriage, life partner, collaborations, associations, conflicts, processes, confrontations, contracts, direct contact with others


physical energy, daily routine, discipline and lifestyle, health, temporary illness, work for others, service, college relationships, obligations, responsibilities


expression of individuality, recognition of merits, personal and creative power, love relationships, connection with children, play, artistic manifestations, pleasures, amusements, hobbies


private and domestic life, intimacy, covering the needs of the soul, place of origin, family, parents, parental and one’s own home, home, real estate


interaction with the close environment, entourage, relatives, friends, information, conceptions, mentality, movement, short trips, socializing, communication activities, transactions


values, own resources, possessions, finances, personal talents and abilities, self-esteem, material accumulation and stabilization, income, expenses, personal comfort, standard of living


the course of one’s life, identity and personal image, behavior, temperament, vitality, physical body, expression of personality, appearance, image in front of others


isolation, loneliness, psychic energies, the subconscious, sacrifices, self-help, faith, spirituality, occult research, secret relationships and activities, hidden people, providential help


the circle of knowledge, the community, organizations, corporations, protectors, popularity, love and appreciation received, social and humanitarian activities, the near future, business and large-scale projects


social and professional objectives, goals to be achieved, career, profession, success, social status, public image, fame, reputation, relationship with the authorities, social ascension


personal progress, improvement, studies, courses, exams, matters of law and judgment, travel, abroad, relationships or educational, spiritual, distance or internet activities

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