Is Scorpio Lucky in 2021?

2021 is an important year of growth for Scorpios, and much of what you reap from the rewards comes from your efforts in the past.

The idea of home continues to change and reorient in your life and a lot of activities support it. Partnerships and relationships of all kinds are highlighted and bring you both stability and problems.

It takes awareness of your inner strength and motives, but applying the axiom to your actions promises a satisfying and extremely powerful year.

At the beginning of the year, the strongest changes that affect your journey to the future are found in your career. You can also find other interesting predictions for the sign of Scorpio on the astrology site . I hope you don’t mind that the site is in French, you can use google translate to translate into English.

Expect some seemingly sudden and action-oriented possibilities to creep into your life. Knowing what offer to take from the realm of employment is as easy as when you know your gifts and experience and know what and how you want to manifest in the future, regarding them.

As the year goes on, you will find spirituality, education and life experiences that will change some of your beliefs, giving you a solid and strong growth that will greatly improve your future.

Mercury is in Capricorn at the beginning of the year, in the 3rd House of Communication and Thinking, which meant more conversations, correspondence and ideas related to a creative enterprise, sentimental connections, young people or animals.

Communications can be centered around the leisure industry – tourism or performance. Surprisingly, in 2021, you are almost immune to capricious movements, I mean Mercury’s demotion. Naturally, those born under this sign are not the most communicative people in the world and express their feelings only in front of very close people.

This is also the reason why they will not face communication problems or at least are not significant.

At work, minor tensions may arise with the most sensitive colleagues under the influence of Mercury retrograde, but this will not prevent the development of projects already started.

However, it would be wise to take into account a margin of error, and show diplomacy and patience. In addition, in these three weeks, you will have to give up being sarcastic and ironic.

The first solar eclipse is an annular one and will take place on June 21, in Cancer, in the 9th House. There may be something that changes life over long distances through work and a new round of education to improve your skills or learn something new. You will have the opportunity to explore the spiritual world and this will allow you to grow by embracing new ideals and beliefs. Education is now under scrutiny, so being the teacher or student or disseminator of information, the counselor or guide is most likely. Egypt emphasizes that the awareness and knowledge base will certainly increase during this period.

The second solar eclipse will be a total one and will take place on December 14 in Sagittarius and in the 2nd House of the money coming from one’s own work but also from self-esteem. For you, having money means focusing on new beginnings related to personal interests and goals and physical well-being.

Venus will be in Aquarius, in the 4th House of the family, bringing supportive connections and easing the grace that flows to sustain your own expression in relation to the family. Venus will be demoted on May 12 to Gemini and the 8th House, of intimacy, of the psyche, of the way you use other people’s money to make your own income, but more importantly, it is the house of long-term investments.

In this situation brings the desire to detach yourself from everything, so you want to put things in their place in a less pleasant and delicate way, because you have not been too satisfied in recent months.

Although you have established new relationships, some secrets may now appear about your partner and, in addition, you will feel like a pendulum that needs to be stopped, balanced, but as Venus is retrograde it is not possible to have such things.

Mars will enter 2021 at your sign, but on January 4 it will enter Sagittarius, the 2nd House.

It is also about designing plans and strategies to increase and maintain the financial sources you have. It will be an extended period of inward energy, so it would be a good time for reflection, psychoanalysis or spiritual slips, but also for as many self-loading activities as possible. Instead, you are one of the two signs affected by retrograde Mars when you want at all costs to show determination in their projects.

However, they will make you feel overwhelmed and exhausted because you will not be able to complete all the tasks.

At another level, this position of Mars refers to backstage projects that require physical strength or prolonged effort. Health problems – yours or someone else’s – can be exacerbated or you can do something to improve your or someone else’s well-being.

You may become aware of the subtle energies you feel and have more self-understanding. Just avoid shooting yourself in the foot with the same emotional reactions that come from the past.

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