Is the Ox Lucky in the Chinese Year 2021?

In the horoscope of 2021, the astrologers announce that for Ox natives the career opportunities are very good, but the most important thing they have to do is to be more mobile and more communicative in everything they have to do. Find out predictions from the Ox 2021 horoscope if the Ox will be lucky in 2021.


Financially, 2021 is perhaps one of the best years for Ox natives. That’s right, news! In their careers and personal relationships, Taurus natives are a little arrogant.

They have an omniscient attitude towards their partner and their own family, taking them out with all sorts of elaborate remarks. Why? Uranus, which has been in the sign of Taurus since last year, can be confusing somewhere because the natives tend to free themselves from any form of restriction.

The astrology website HoroscopeChinoisGuru observes that Taurus natives do not realize that true wisdom consists in realizing that when you embark on an adventure, without a real basis, you suffer it. These things have a negative influence on family life and couple life, obviously. Don’t risk it!

Due to the lack of malleability, diplomacy, so specific to this zodiac sign Taurus, the year 2021begins with diseases of the knees and legs, first of all. The astrologers recommend Taurus to pay attention throughout the year 2021 to the consumption of salt and other substances that can cause intoxications.

Beware of them. There is a predisposition to accidents on long journeys, in meetings with important people, in training courses.

Watch out for traffic. On the other hand, everything you find written below does not necessarily happen if the native takes into account the recommendations of the 2021 Ox horoscope, regarding the attitude he must develop throughout 2021.

Characterization of the Ox

The Ox native is gentle, quiet and reserved. He is not a big talker and prefers solitude, avoiding noisy companies.

Very hardworking and tenacious, the Ox pursues his interests with perseverance, but is careful not to harm those around him. He is responsible and honest with others, and is devoted to family and friends. The buffalo native wants more than anything to have a harmonious family, which will ensure a life without material worries.

The buffalo avoids taking unnecessary risks and always prefers safety and stability. For this reason, at work he always asserts himself as a reliable man. He is respected and admired for his firmness, fairness and balance. In general, the native of the buffalo sign is the kind of man who is silent and does, and when he speaks he can be very convincing and inspire total confidence.

In everything he does, the Ox relies only on his own strength and does not conceive of asking for someone’s help, because he is afraid that he will have to pay later, more than he does.

If he is wronged or feels with his back to the wall, the buffalo native can have bouts of devastating anger. Otherwise, he is very gentle and understanding and supports many from others.

In love, the Ox is not tempted by adventures, but only pursues serious, lasting connections. He is faithful to his life partner and devoted to his family. He strives to have a clean and welcoming home.

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