love horoscope for april 2021

April is full of the unexpected. This happens, first of all, because Saturn enters the sign of Aquarius for a few months. Therefore, April will be a chaotic and unpredictable period. Also, on April 8, we will have a Full Moon in Libra, which means that it will be quite difficult for us to make decisions, analyze the long-term effects or look at things objectively.


There is a strong need to talk honestly with your partner, but this does not necessarily mean that Aries natives will have such an initiative. Rather, as is characteristic of them, they will put their problems under the rug, accumulate frustrations and burst at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, to avoid such a situation, Aries must step out of the comfort zone and open a delicate subject for the couple’s life. If they follow their first impulse, namely to avoid serious discussions, they will have to lose in the long run.


The bulls will receive unexpected help in April from friends. In the case of the single ones, it is very possible that they mediate a transaction, a business connection that can turn into something much more personal. Bulls are experts at combining the useful with the pleasant, but this time, you have to seriously ask yourself if it is worth the effort and especially, what are the long-term consequences. As for the natives who have a relationship, they need to be inventive and open about the dynamics of the couple. He must also be patient and not jump to conclusions.


Although it is rare for Gemini to be mischievous, sometimes, when they are stressed, they have a habit of pouring their frustrations on the people around them, and at this moment, the target of dissatisfaction will be the couple’s partner. They have to keep these manifestations under control because, surprisingly, even the patience of their halves has a limit that it would be better not to test now. As for the Gemini singles, it is precisely this impetuousness that could bring them to life a potential partner. All they have to do is give themselves time to speak up and be patient so that things go naturally.


In April, the Cancers will prove to be full of contradictions. On the one hand, they can be charming, seductive, irresistible! On the other hand, they will do everything they can to hide their responsibilities, and this is true even in married life. It will prove to be a challenge for them, but if they want the relationship to work, they must contribute to this by taking on, awareness and openness to compromise. Even if it is not always obvious, Cancers are among the most proud and jealous signs, and in this period of isolation, these two features are more obvious than ever.


It is known about Lei that, as a rule, they are proud and stubborn. However, as you get to know them, you realize that when they love someone, they will do absolutely anything for these people. It is this last quality of theirs that will be highlighted by the trials they have to go through in April, and this will strengthen their relationships or, in the case of the single ones, will win the admiration of a potential partner. However, because it seems that everything is based on their shoulders, due to tension and stress, they will be tempted to unload their frustrations right where it is not appropriate. They have to be very careful because they can hurt people who are already in a vulnerable situation.

Virgo l

Virgo natives will go through a period of financial difficulties. Things are not as dark as they seem, but because Virgos feel the need to be in control all the time, they will feel anxious. They have to step out of their comfort zone and accept that they cannot control everything that happens around them. If they manage to do this, then they will eliminate a great pressure that unnecessarily presses on the couple’s life. If not, they need to be emotionally prepared for a series of reproaches …


The Full Moon in April will take place in the sign of Libra. If for other signs it can prove to be a challenge, for these natives the stars will align as best they can. For those who have stable and healthy relationships, it’s time to take their relationship to the next level. At the same time, the Full Moon can function as a beacon for single natives who will bring them love, from a completely unexpected place.


One thing is certain during this period: the Full Moon will reveal many secrets from the lives of Scorpios. Moreover, it would help them to see in a new light an issue that had been pressing on them for a long time. Even if they feel the urge to act quickly, they must resist it and calculate their every move. Even if it sounds like a business strategy, it is entirely about the couple relationship that must, must, must be treated at this time as objectively as possible.


A tense energy floats in the air that can bring sudden changes in the lives of Sagittarius. Even if at first sight they seem difficult to pass, in fact this challenge hides many beneficial effects. Personally, this can be translated into three ways:

Natives with long relationships can put an end to them. Sagittarians who are in an uncertain situation may find themselves forced to find a quick final solution. Lonely natives will fall head over heels in love with someone they don’t even think about.


Capricorns do not feel comfortable at all in situations they do not control, but the Full Moon in Libra will force them to learn to do just that. Their relationship is going through a delicate period and they will have to make some radical decisions sooner or later, but this moment will not come in April. He must control his military skills and his habit of looking disappointed in the people around him. Capricorns need to understand that not all people are willing to give 110%, as they do because not all people have the emotional resources of these natives. If they are stubborn enough to do so, their partners will be overwhelmed.


The most important thing that happens in the sign of Aquarius is the move of Saturn in this sign. It is a busy time, when the natives have to learn a few lessons in love and pay off some karmic debts. No one can tell them what they are because Saturn is a severe teacher and does not accept cheating or shortcuts. Therefore, the best thing Aquarius can do is take the bull by the horns and face everything that Saturn will bring them, including in the relationship.

As for the lonely ones, they can start a new love story, but which has a karmic valence. This means that they have to live everything they are given to live, good or bad, and learn something from it.


The natives in Pisces reach a stalemate in the couple’s relationship. Their first instinct will be to retreat to their shell and wait for their partners to read their thoughts. Obviously, this is the worst strategy in the world. They need to find the resources they need to accept and manage certain feelings, which they then need to explain to their partners. It takes a lot of patience to get out of this situation, which, of course, is difficult, but not impossible.

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