What Mistakes do you Make in Love and Sex Depending on Your Zodiac Sign


The most common mistake Aries make is that they “light up” too quickly, both in bed and outside. You fall in love quickly and without having all the “data” about that man, you make great statements and deeds, you plan, you promise, you jump in his bed at first, then you realize that things are not as rosy as you thought and not you know how to get out of a relationship faster. I found a lot of interesting information about the love horoscope of 2021 on LoveHoroscope.Guru. For example, find out what zodiac signs will find their soul mate in 2021, who will get married and what romantic relationships will fall apart.


With the laziness and slowness specific to your sign, you have a hard time reacting to what is happening to you, so men end up losing patience before you go too far. And if you start a relationship, he will always feel that he has to “pull” you, to make an effort to keep you close to him because you do not want anything specific, you have no preference, you do not ask and you do not offer anything.


The twins are very communicative, which is desirable in a relationship. Unfortunately, women are too talkative and end up saying things they should only keep to themselves. You used to say everything about yourself at first, so that aura of mystery that gives the magic of a beginning of a relationship disappears pretty quickly. You talk first about your life and your sexual preferences, so he has nothing to discover.


You are a warm and sensitive person, and your life partner is everything to you. Some men love this, but most are a little scared when they see that you depend on them from the beginning of the relationship. He wants to be your lover and lover, not your father. Your attitude kind of cuts off both sex and relationships. You need to be more independent and more confident.


Your pride and selfishness can ruin many relationships if you are not careful about how you behave. You’re selfish in bed, outside of him, everywhere. Accustomed to being in the first place, to receiving, it is hard for you when you have to make a compromise or when you have to offer something to your loved one. Besides, you can’t stand him taking your place in the spotlight, not even when it’s his birthday or celebrating a success.


It is difficult for you to start or maintain a relationship for cp you are too pretentious. First of all, there are few men who meet your criteria. You ask so much from a potential partner that those who fit your pattern are scared and think they will not cope, so they withdraw. Those who are not bothered by their claims give in because they are very critical and ironic.


Your problem when it comes to love and sex is that you make very difficult decisions. Frightened not to make the wrong choice, it takes a long time to balance every decision, you turn it around, you ask for advice, and when you finally decide, it’s too late. Most men don’t have enough patience to see how you think so much about every little thing, and they don’t understand why you can’t just live life without dissecting it so much.


Your mistake is that you are too passionate in any field, you put too much soul, you dedicate yourself completely without thinking things through. Although you have many disappointments, you never learn your mind and continue to throw yourself headlong into any relationship. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to be a little more reserved and reserved in gestures, at least at the beginning of the relationship.


You are a somewhat changeable person and very difficult to “read”. You expect the person next to you to guess your thoughts when not even you know exactly what you want from life, from a relationship, from a man. The combination of your pretensions and your indecision is often fatal to a relationship at the beginning of the road. When it comes to sex, you’re just as weird.


Capricorn is very introverted, cautious, reserved. On first dates, it can be a good thing because he sees you in an aura of mystery and likes to discover you. But over time she realizes that you are not mysterious, just very introverted and that it is difficult for her to communicate with you, especially when there are relationship problems.


Your mistake is that you want your freedom too much. Nobody says you have to be next to your boyfriend all the time or not go out of his way, but you have to understand that a couple needs common activities – other than sex – of fidelity, trust, communication. These things are hard to build when you always want to be somewhere else.


You have a sensitive, romantic nature, which attracts strong men, eager to protect a frail young lady. That is, until they realize that you are far too sensitive, that you are not able to have a serious discussion without crying, or that you cannot be left alone for a few days without reproach. You need to be a little more independent, more confident and stronger.

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